Chat Forum Purpose

This chat forum was provided as an open chat for the use of the website visitors.  However, due to abuse of the usage rules, the Forum has been converted to a members-only application.  Member registration is required for participation.  Chat Forum participation by all visitors is encouraged.  Participation should expand the internet community of visitors and contribute to the enjoyment of visits to the site.

Chat Forum Participation Requirements

Chat Forum participation is open to all logged-in site visitors.   Please exercise restraint in behavior while utilizing this chat provision.  Those who demonstrate abusive behavior toward others will be blocked from the Forum.  The burden to be considerate of other Chat Forum users is placed on each user.  The Chat Forum is not to be used to display product advertising.

Purge of Chat Records

Unfortunately, as of January 21, 2021, all Chat records were purged, and many phrases and links have been blocked.  This became necessary due to massive violations of our participation rules.  The overwhelming posting of advertising within the Chat potentially obliterated or concealed valid, conforming conversations.

You must be a registered user to participate in this chat.


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