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About DonMcElyea.Com.  This site has been developed to display the activities and interests of its owner, Donald (Don) McElyea.  The first version was published in the year 2000, and it has gone through many revisions since then, all as a result of having to adapt to new software.  The new software versions had different characteristics which had to be complied with but required only relatively minor adjustments.  This revision, July 4, 2015, is the first complete revision I’ve attempted.  During this revision I have dropped much of the original content and “started over,” so to speak.  The software being used this time, WordPress, has entirely different characteristics from my last package, Microsoft Expressions Web, which is no longer supported.  WordPress does not allow me as much control but, hopefully, will be better in the long run.  My current development will be applied incrementally.

Past versions of the site have included activities content from the early years of my life, starting at about 5-6 years of age.  The presentations then proceed through grade school, elementary school, high school, college, military service, work history, and beyond.  The presentations are inclusive of the people who have touched my life throughout my life journey.  They have been many and varied!

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The website, “donmcelyea.com,” is a site dedicated to publication of useful information, discussion, and opinion through the Blog, Blog Comments, Forums, and Photo Gallery formats. Information subjects, discussion, and opinions are open for contribution and participation by the internet community. Initiating subjects and opinions may be posted by the site owner and author.

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Advertising displayed on this site may be compensated. Visitors should conduct “due diligence” research of interests prior to purchase. Patronage of my advertisers is encouraged and appreciated. This site is owned independently, and opinions expressed are my own. Favorable opinions do not constitute an endorsement.

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