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Education at S.R. Butler High School

Education in Huntsville, Alabama!  S. R. Butler High School was, from its’ inception, located in Huntsville, Alabama.  In 1956 it was located at the intersection of Governors Drive (5th Avenue), Clinton Avenue, and Triana Boulevard.  That location became the site of Stone Junior High School when Butler was relocated to Holmes Avenue, West.  At the end of the 2008/2009 school year, it was announced that the school was being closed, and that the students would be combined/consolidated with two other schools at West Lawn Junior High School.

Education at S.R. Butler High School, Huntsville, Alabama, historically has been atypical of most of the State of Alabama.  This is also true of most of the Huntsville schools.  S.R. Butler High School has now been closed due to changes in the demographics of the served neighborhoods.  The uniqueness of the Huntsville system also extends to those cities in close proximity to Huntsville.  The uniqueness of the educational system is heavily reliant on meeting the needs of the high technology environment of the city due to the programs of Redstone Arsenal and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).  The demands on the system have increased in recent years due to the transfer of major technological programs into the city and the broader area.

Colleges and Universities in Huntsville, Alabama

Opportunities for education at colleges, universities and schools in Huntsville, Alabama, and the nearby area.

Education in Huntsville, Alabama

Alabama A & M

Athens State University

Calhoun Community College

Florida Institute of Technology/Redstone

Huntsville Center for Technology

Oakwood College

Snead State Community College

University of Alabama–Huntsville

University of North Alabama

Virginia College




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