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Home and family issues arise from all aspects of living in a world of chaos in our communities and in world events. Issues arise, even before birth, in the issues of abortion and birth control and the politics of how they are viewed and controlled.

After birth comes life in all of its many forms and paths. Child care providers and child care agencies and institutions regulate the care and financial aspects of care for your child. They specify the manner of discipline and serious penalty for stepping outside the guidelines established. The Governments – local, state, and federal – have all staked a claim in your child’s life.

Home and family issues persist as we journey through our grade and high school years. We are faced with governmental and other management issues that determine where and how we go to school. What is our school district and appointed school? How do we travel to school – walk, private vehicle, or school bus – and what are the responsibilities?   Are we entitled to certain special programs? Are we negatively impacted by special programs and what are our options? Can we participate in the work force during school years? After graduation, what next?

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We Are Now Adults – Now What?

After graduating high school (and perhaps not), adulthood looms for those of us who are lucky enough to have survived the journey somewhat intact! Do we, or can we, go to college? Which one? Do we have the finances? If not college, then what? What skills do we have that we can capitalize with an employer? If we have no saleable skills, how can we acquire them? Our enjoyable futures depend on right answers to these questions. All answers have implications that must be satisfied within our family, ethical, community, religious, and government environments.

Adulthood presents us with many avenues to explore! However, exploration can be mind boggling! Do we marry (that option may have been elected during one of the other life periods) or remain single. These options come with legal, ethical, religious, and other issues of their own. In today’s environment there are many religious and legal implications for the path taken – LGBQT laws, pre-marital agreements, child custody agreements, etc. Home ownership or rent? Job choices and the advantages and pitfalls of each? Results of choices made and paths not taken?

Home and family issues are also not averted at death. Is the death natural or homicide? Is the death legally assisted (permitted in some locales, but illegal in most)? Is the death attributed to accident or some illegal activity or incident? Many questions have to be answered!

Merriam-Webster Dictionary, in their online dictionary, gives a definition for an optical device known as a “prism.” Their definition is:

1 : a polyhedron with two polygonal faces lying in parallel planes and with the other faces parallelograms

2a : a transparent body that is bounded in part by two nonparallel plane faces and is used to refract or disperse a beam of light

2b : a prism-shaped decorative glass luster

3 : a crystal form whose faces are parallel to one axis especially : one whose faces are parallel to the vertical axis

4 : a medium that distorts, slants, or colors whatever is viewed through it

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As the Prism of Our Lives

The prism device lends itself very well to a model and representation of the above and other stages of life and society. Each facet chosen for viewing provides a path through the device that is very dependent on the perspective. Definition 4, above, therefore, provides a very relevant definition for viewing our lives. The prism is a model for this Home and Family Issues Blog.

This webpage site, Home and Family Issues Blog, attempts to address all aspects of the issues spectrum. The perspectives presented are those of the site owner/author and, perhaps, the site author’s perspectives tempered by those individuals that he associates with frequently and by observed situations and conditions – in community and in world issues.

Abortion: The American Infanticide8 and Genocide8 of the 21st Century

This issue has just taken on increased significance with the recent reported proposal by a Virginia politician, Virginia House of Delegates Democrat, Kathy Tran, to allow abortions in the 4th trimester – in other words, kill after birth.  The proposal apparently has the blessing of the Virginia Governor, Democrat Ralph Northam (who is also under political fire for “blackface” and KKK photo issues).  I believe the attainment of the goal of the proposal has been a defining issue and intent of the progressive movement and Democrat Party for many years.  They continue to offer more irrational, extremist proposals in many areas of the Unites States of America (USA) Government.  We are already far down “the slippery slope!”  This onward march must be stopped!  It is hoped that the below slideshow5 will aid you in your study of the abortion issues.


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